Feb 2016
Jan 2016
Starting Out

December 2012

Mike made initial contact with Bering Air to discuss logistics and costs. Even at this early stage, for any attempt to be successful we would need a 'local' air company with knowledge of ice, weather, wind - everything! We also needed to understand how far we might be from assistance at any given point and what the rescue costs might be. The American Coastguard might not be able to help us so we may have to rely upon a private firm in the event of an emergency. Shortly after making initial contact Mike received the first response from Bering Air. He recalls that it felt really positive to be in contact with an outfit in the region.

Mike had an initial phone conversation with Neil Laughton about the expedition. Neil is incredibly experienced in the field of expeditioning and the meeting offered up some useful points of view, not yet considered. Mike went to meet Neil at his house in Sussex to discuss the expedition in more detail.

November 2012

Mike contacted Stanfords to try and obtain suitable maps for the Bering expedition. The most suitable seemed to be an Admiralty map. There really are not many maps of this area to be had. Mike deferred purchase and looked online in USA.

September 2011

Mike paid his deposit to enter the Polar Race. Not his first time in the Arctic but, at 27 days, certainly his longest to date.

May 2011

Mike wrote the initial expedition proposal. At this point he anticipated being ready for a 2013 attempt. He had no idea, at this stage, just how long it would take for the expedition team, planning and logistics to come together.

November 2010

Though he confesses to having thought about this trip many years prior, this is when Mike first documented his intentions to cross the Bering Strait.

The Bering Strait Challenge 2017
Expedition Patron: His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent GCVO