Feb 2016
Jan 2016
Starting Out

  • January 12th
    we are pleased to announce two more expedition sponsors - Iridium and McMurdo.

    Iridium McMurdo
  • 9th January
    Typhoon agree to continue their generous sponsorship from 2015.
  • Expedition deferred to 2017
    Despite our best efforts, we have not yet been able to obtain the necessary permits from the Russian authorities to allow the team to attempt a two-way crossing between the USA and Russia in 2016. After months of preparation and training James Bingham and Neil Laughton have still decided to cross on the American side between Little Diomede and the Alaskan coast. Mike remains in Russia and is working with Evgeny to try and secure the requisite permits for 2017.

    The Bering Strait Challenge 2017
    Expedition Patron: His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent GCVO